Thursday, August 20, 2015

Do You Need To Make More Money?

Need More Income?

In Three Steps You Can Be Making More Money.

Here's the deal ... In just a few easy clicks, you can create a sale-ready collection of products on the Print On Demand (POD) website CafePress. There's no shop involved, no shop management - instead Cafepress will market your products and you earn the money!

Really, its that easy.  Cafepress will create a sale-ready collection of custom products in just a few clicks.  Upload any image and they will instantly create a collection from your image and their awesome catalog of products. It's easy and free!

Are you an artist?  Do you doodle or draw cartoons? Do you have fantastic photo's you have taken? Or a trunk load of photo's Grandma took of the Old Days?  And remember, you can also use Photos and Illustrations which are in Public Domain.  Or you can purchase a license to use Clip Art.   

Create your products and have a little bit of patience.  I can not emphasize "a little patience" enough, if you do and you keep creating more and more products, you will be rewarded.  I am writing from personal experience here, I have consistently created products on Cafepress since December 17, 2004.  Since 2004 I have received commission payments from Cafepress in the excess of $100,000. Making money on Cafepress works, it is possible, but remember my advice be PATIENT and CONSISTENT.  

Give it a try ... it works!

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