Sunday, October 11, 2015

Time To Brush Your Teeth! How To Make Brushing Teeth Fun and Exciting For Your Kids

3610103532_442d77cb73_zIs it always a struggle to get your kids to brush their teeth? Well, you're not alone, most kids don't like to brush their teeth, let alone brush their teeth on their own. However, parents know the importance of good brushing skills necessary to have a lifetime enjoying good dental health. Here's a few exciting ways to motivate your kids to brush their teeth. In fact, they may surprise you how much they look forward to brushing time. Reward Your Children Set up a rewards system for your children, when they do an excellent job of brushing their teeth give them a reward.   One suggestions is to give them "Dental Health" stickers for each week of great brushing,  when they have completed so many months of good brushing they earn a special reward.

Brush Your Teeth at the Same Time Make this a Family event, everyone brush their teeth together. Parents can model for their children, emphasizing the correct way to clean your teeth and freshen your mouth. Your kids will naturally want to be just like you, it can become a special time for all and fun too.
  Let Your Child Become a Tooth Super Hero Buy a Cape, or just pretend with a towel, your child magically turn into a Tooth Super Hero. Their Mission to fight the "plaque creatures" and "cavity monsters" protecting teeth from being harmed.  Make it into an epic story, a fantastic teeth saving adventure, your child will love teeth brushing time.  

  Let Your Child Pick Out a "Fun" Toothbrush. Get your child a fun toothbrush, one that he or she is excited to use. If you are a "crafty" family, let your child decorate their toothbrush and write their name on it.

No matter which strategy your choose, remember, children respond well to positive encouragement, a few encouraging words will go a long way in creating a positive teeth brushing experience for your child.  Children are also eager to follow the example of those they look up to and trust. So don’t be afraid to participate in these tooth brushing games too, it will create family experiences which will be remembered a lifetime.

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