Sunday, October 11, 2015

Time To Brush Your Teeth! How To Make Brushing Teeth Fun and Exciting For Your Kids

3610103532_442d77cb73_zIs it always a struggle to get your kids to brush their teeth? Well, you're not alone, most kids don't like to brush their teeth, let alone brush their teeth on their own. However, parents know the importance of good brushing skills necessary to have a lifetime enjoying good dental health. Here's a few exciting ways to motivate your kids to brush their teeth. In fact, they may surprise you how much they look forward to brushing time. Reward Your Children Set up a rewards system for your children, when they do an excellent job of brushing their teeth give them a reward.   One suggestions is to give them "Dental Health" stickers for each week of great brushing,  when they have completed so many months of good brushing they earn a special reward.

Brush Your Teeth at the Same Time Make this a Family event, everyone brush their teeth together. Parents can model for their children, emphasizing the correct way to clean your teeth and freshen your mouth. Your kids will naturally want to be just like you, it can become a special time for all and fun too.
  Let Your Child Become a Tooth Super Hero Buy a Cape, or just pretend with a towel, your child magically turn into a Tooth Super Hero. Their Mission to fight the "plaque creatures" and "cavity monsters" protecting teeth from being harmed.  Make it into an epic story, a fantastic teeth saving adventure, your child will love teeth brushing time.  

  Let Your Child Pick Out a "Fun" Toothbrush. Get your child a fun toothbrush, one that he or she is excited to use. If you are a "crafty" family, let your child decorate their toothbrush and write their name on it.

No matter which strategy your choose, remember, children respond well to positive encouragement, a few encouraging words will go a long way in creating a positive teeth brushing experience for your child.  Children are also eager to follow the example of those they look up to and trust. So don’t be afraid to participate in these tooth brushing games too, it will create family experiences which will be remembered a lifetime.

Monday, October 5, 2015

America The Beautiful Posters - Government Sponsored WPA New Deal Art a National Treasure

Collection of Vintage Travel Posters.

Our Vintage Travel America Collection are reproductions of the original works of art commissioned by The Federal Art Project from 1935 to 1943. Works Progress Administration created over 2,000 elaborate posters dedicated to a plethora of New Deal initiatives which include Travel America Theme posters. Under the direction of the Works Progress Administration, New Deal program, the project was created to provide employment to Americas artist during the Great Depression. Artists were paid $23.60 a week to produce murals, easel paintings, sculpture, graphic art, posters, photography, museum and theater scenic design, and arts and crafts. This mammoth undertaking provided meaningful work for more than 10,000 unemployed and underemployed artists who produced hundreds of thousands of artworks commissioned under the Federal Art Project. As a result, the Federal Art Project supported such iconic artists as Jackson Pollock, Orson Welles, and Woody Guthrie, before their work could earn them income.

See America - Welcome to Montana

A series of three, beautiful, simple style posters from The United States Travel Bureau.  My favorite is the dramatic and majestic rider on horse back gazing upon towering mountain peaks, a hint of a glistening alpine lake hidden by a forest of pine trees.  Which poster is your favorite?

Want To See More?

We offer hundreds of Vintage Travel Poster Reproduction in our collection located on Zazzle.
Posters maybe selected in various sizes, paper types, mat choices and frames are available.
Just click the "Travel America Poster Collection" link above.

Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Being a Nerd Is Cool - Get Your Geek On.

Being a geek or nerd is now cool!

Well, how did that happen?  I remember a time when being a nerd was like having a social disease.  You were one of the "smart kids", the kids who got all A's, when you and your peeps were struggling to pull a C like it was a big accomplishment.  Well, how time change and actually for the better.  In today's world of high technology the "smart kids" pull down the big paychecks, stock plans from the tech giants.  The news is full of stories of 20 year old millionaires and a few billionaires.  So now it cool to be a GEEK! Popular culture has embraced and endorsed the coolness of nerds with humorous movies, where the geek becomes the hero and saves the day, the nerd now gets the beautiful girls.  On TV the leading comedy sitcom is "The Big Bang Theory", a group of nerds who have developed friendships even though they are socially awkward.  Nerd humor is in the drivers seat each episode as they live their lives and do their jobs as scientific geniuses with heaping amounts of  jokes, puns, innuendos and word plays all revolving around science and math. Hopefully, this new coolness of science and math will translate into more and more young peeps embracing the sciences disciplines in the future.  The United States has been lagging in this area for quite some time, our future depends on invention and innovation. Here's a short video clip with a few of my favorite funny science and math design illustrations ...

Get Your Geek On!

Paranormal Supernatural Extraterrestrial

What are they? Do they really exist? Are they dangerous?

Supernatural beings and experiences, mysterious legends, fantastic tales of monsters, creatures of legends, UFOs, extraterrestrial beings, life after death experiences, paranormal activity, all of which are unexplained phenomena.  Unexplained events of un-explain beings and unbelievable events continue to fascinate us today as much as men of early history.   Folklore told around a campfire hundreds of years ago continues to engage us today.  Often discussed on shows like Coast to Coast Am and radio legend Art Bell new show Midnight in the Desert, people from over the world relate hair raising stories of mysterious beings.  Here's just a few ...



Many species appear in cryptozoological literature, including mythical and animals of folklore, such as Bigfoot and the Loch Ness Monster. Cryptids have appeared regularly within TV, movies, comic books and popular culture. A few examples such as the okapi and mountain gorilla are also commonly used by cryptozoologists as examples of animals they say were previously thought to be cryptids, but are now known to truly exist.  Could this also be true of Yeti? Nessie? Mothman?  Only time will tell.




Bigfoot, Sasquatch

Bigfoot is described as large, black, dark brown or reddish brown hair, muscular, bipedal ape-like creature, 7 ft. to 10 ft. tall and estimated to weigh from 300 to 1,000 pounds. Report of Big Foot sightings have mainly come from the Pacific Northwest region of North America. However, British Columbia and Western Canada have many stories of encounters with humans.

UFOs, strange occurrences, life after death, paranormal, creatures, extraterrestrial, supernatural, myths, legends, monsters, space, universe, science, mystery, sci-fi, and other unexplained phenomena.

Sunday, September 20, 2015

Gifts For Geeks - Gifts For Nerds

You'll will find the perfect Geek Gifts among our collection of Geeky Gift Goodness and best of all you can personalize it to your cool style.   Zazzle's cool "Customize It" Button give you the ability to add text, change fonts, re-position images, add images, change background colors and many more techie enhancements to make your gift truly unique and special.  Great selection of science, math, physics cool humor and all of the unique nerd gift design you're looking for.  Check out the Full Collection of 100 Geek Gifts, finally the answer to "What gift does a nerd want?"

Geek Gifts

Geek Gifts Click above to see all 100 Geek Gifts in our Nerd Collection

Essential Science Blue Atomic Badge Ping-Pong Paddle

Essential Science Blue Atomic Badge Ping-Pong Paddle Blue Atomic Table Tennis Paddle harnesses the power of the Universe.

I'm silently correcting your grammar cat mug

I'm silently correcting your grammar cat Coffe Mug Cool Coffee Mug gift for High School English Teachers!

CREATIVE GENIUS retro Decorative Pillow

CREATIVE GENIUS  Decorative Throw Pillow I think this nerd design could solve the problem of climate change.

Retro Comic Book Style Geek Quantum Mechanics Flasks

Retro Comic Book Style Geek Quantum Mechanics Flasks Even theoretical physicists need a little nip from time to time.

Maths Mathematical Equations Clock Version Two

Maths Mathematical Equations Clock Version Two The nerd in us checked each formula and they all are correct ... very geeky clever.

Talk Nerdy To Me | Geeky t shirt for women

Talk Nerdy To Me | Geeky t shirt for women
Whisper all those geek words to my baby!

Funny acute angle geeky baby bib

Funny acute angle geeky baby bib
Caution ... if you gift a "Talk Nerdy To Me" T-shirt, you may be back to purchase an "acute baby" bib ... just saying!

Yeti Karaoke Spiral Notebook

Yeti Karaoke Spiral Notebook
I believe in Yeti and Big Foot!

GENIUS VS INSANE custom message board Dry-Erase Whiteboards

GENIUS VS INSANE custom message board Dry-Erase Whiteboards
Good or Evil the conundrum of many sci-fi movies.

The "How to Tie a Tie" Tie

The "How to Tie a Tie" Tie
So Clever to put the instructions right on the neck tie.

Will Code For Food Men's Shirt

Will Code For Food Men's Shirt
I could have used this t shirt when the dot com bubble burst.

Zombie Apocalypse Survival Kit Lunch Box

Zombie Apocalypse Survival Kit Lunch Box
Zombies Yubo Lunchbox is an essential item of the "Bug Out Bag"

Never Trust An Atom - Funny Science Throw Pillows

Never Trust An Atom - Funny Science Throw Pillows
Never Trust An Atom, They Make Up Everything.

Binary Smiley Face Mens Dark T-shirt

Binary Smiley Face Mens Dark T-shirt
A geek t shirt cleverly made of binary ones and zeros.

DANGER! Stickers 
DANGER! Stickers for Nerds
A true Geek-utopia skateboard sticker gift ...  Danger, Ninjas and Pirates and Lasers and Shit!

Cool Gifts Under $20

Cool Unique Gifts Under 20 bucks

Unique design for turtle and awesomeness lovers!
Unique design for turtle and awesomeness lovers!

Stylish geometric chevron pattern with lemon yellow, aqua blue, mint blue and gray colors.

Unique and original, designed and made ​​for your instagram #selfie picture, this design gives a unique look to your photos!

Modern colorful geometric pattern. Changeable white background since pattern has a transparent background. Several variation on this design including different color combination. Multi-color triangles gives you endless option. Almost any background color looks good.

I pick you cute, sweet quote saying guitar playing musician boyfriend or girlfriend gift.

Cute and colorful, customizable gift featuring a cat unicorn mix, aka the "Caticorn".


Now your cat can follow in the venerable pawprints of the Internet's brightest feline stars. Customize this design by uploading your cat's photo and instantly turn your cat into an Internet Celebrity.

Easily identify your luggage at the airport with this neon green luggage handle wrap that reads "MINE..not yours...". This is easier to see than a luggage tag. These make great gifts for a business traveler for easier luggage identification.

This "Totes Books" tote actually totes books. We love a good pun.

Who needs flirting with all this irresistible awkwardness? Design mixes typography and hand-lettering.

Bold horizontal line pattern reminiscent of men's sportswear and polo shirt stripes with customizable monogram.

This inquisitive design is perferct for the reader in your life--no matter what their next book is.

When Something Goes Wrong In Your Life, Just Yell "Plot Twist!" And Move On Typography Poster.

Stylish and dapper formal wear for the handsome child. Black on black and dark charcoal gray suit coat and bowtie great for weddings and special occasions for the newborn male.  

Retro triangle pattern with just the right amount of pop.

Keep track of all your travel adventures in this cute world map notebook

Como Se Llama Mug with llama image

A humorous take on the famous tin that everyone will recognize. A party favor or anniversary memento. If you need to personalize it more, click on the customize this button to make changes.

Check out this fun black Julius polka dot design! Personalize your own Paul Frank merchandise on! Click the Customize button to insert your own name or text to make a unique product. Try adding text using various fonts & view a preview of your design! Zazzle's easy to customize products have no minimum order & is custom made after you order.

What such to catch the pretty photos of its album it Instagram and to make this pretty mousepad?

It grows on you.