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Famous Women Magicians and Mediums

Famous Women Magicians and Mediums

Eva Fay - The Indescribable Phenomenon .... Medium and Mentalist   (1855 - 1927)

Anna Eva Fay was one of the most renown mediums and stage mentalists of the twentieth century.  She perplexed the most authoritative minds in her field and soon people believed she could summon the spirits of the departed.
Fay was a huge hit in Vaudeville, as an American medium she answered questions using her "psychic powers."  Her performance was billed as the "Indescribable Phenomenon" and as the "High Priestess of Mysticism".   She often performed séance, summoning the spirits of the dead enthralling the audiences with her mystic powers.

A theatrical séance is an aspect of mentalism that purports to give its audiences the feeling of contacting the spirits of the dead, as in a successful Spiritualist seance.

Theatrical séances are usually performed in either total or partial darkness to replicate the atmosphere of a traditional seance, to set the mood for the performance, and to hide the methods of the performer. Performance-goers may be treated to a variety of mentalism demonstrations during a theatrical séance include examples of clairvoyance, ESP, precognition and telekinesis, in addition to or in preparation of apparent mediumship.

Vonetta - Mistress of Mystery .... Magician and Illusionist  (18?? - 19??)
Promoting herself as the "World's Only Lady Illusionist," this London born magician preformed often at the London Hippodrome, she featured her best illusions, including "The Flying Chest" illusion and the "Floating Coffin" which were substitution acts.

Another one of her most popular illusions was the "Fire & Sword, an Cremation" illusion, where a man lies down in a rectangular wooden coffin which is then closed, swords are thrust into the box impaling the man, then the box is set on fire apparently cremating his body.

In 1924, Vonetta, "The Mistress of Mystery" was honored by the Scottish Conjurer's Association of Glasgow, Scotland.  Vonetta was inducted as an Honorary Member and performed at many of their events including the famous Our Night of Magic in 1931.

 Vonetta - Mistress of Mystery

Ionia - The Enchantress .... Magician and Illusionist (1888 - 1973)

Ionia became famous for specializing in grand illusion, as "Ionia The Enchantress" she wore elaborate Egyptian costumes and produced spectacular sophisticated stage show performances.  She was greatly influenced by peer performers of the Folies Bergere such as Le Roy, Kellar and Herrmann.

About 1913 Ionia met Prince Vladimir Eristavi Tchitcherine in Austria, apparently he too was enchangted and after a few years of courting they married on June 21, 1919 in Paris.  Ionia then became Princess Clementine Eristavi Tchitcherine, unfortunately nine years later the enchantment wore off and in 1928 they were divorced.  Ionia retained her title as Princess and spent most of her life in beloved Paris, France.

Ionia The Enchantress ~ Vintage Magic Poster print
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History of women magicians performing magic during the vintage era of the early 1900s.

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