Monday, November 8, 2010

Wild Sockeye Salmon T-shirts and Gifts

Wild Sockeye Salmon T-shirts and Gifts

Red Salmon / Blueback Salmon Kokanee Fishing
Wild Saltwater Sockeye Salmon original artwork of fish in saltwater phase of their life. Nature, wildlife, fisherman & chefs will enjoy our original fish series of steelhead & salmon. Prints & gifts. Sockeye salmon (Oncorhynchus nerka), also called red salmon or blueback salmon, is an anadromous species of salmon found in the Pacific Ocean. The same species when it occurs in landlocked bodies of water is called the Kokanee. Prior to spawning the sockeye are blue tinged with silver in color during their ocean life. The males develop a hump on their back and their jaw and teeth become hooked when they move from salt to fresh water. Males and females both turn red with green heads, and a dark stripe on their sides prior to spawning.

Sockeye Salmon Wild Saltwater Phase shirt

 All Designs Available on Shirts, Mugs, Greeting Cards, Post Cards / Postcards, Refrigerator Magnets, Buttons, Pins, Stickers, Ties, Aprons, Tote Bags and many more gifts.

Sockeye Salmon Wild Saltwater Phase by makemystyle
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