Monday, November 22, 2010

Proserpine by Dante Gabriel Rossetti Fine Art Fridge Magnet Gifts

Proserpine / Persephone by Dante Gabriel Rossetti
Romantic Works of Art Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood
Proserpine / Persephone by Dante Gabriel Rossetti ~ 1874 Oil on Canvas. Pre-Raphaelites were highly influenced by Romantic poetry, scenes of nature, and Medieval art of which these interests were reflected in their style and their themes. Many of these paintings portray scenes from mythology and literature such as Pandora, Ulysses, Romeo and Juliet, Don Jaun, Ophelia, Flora, Joan of Ark, Psyche, the Lady of Shallot, the legends of King Arthur, Guinevere, Venus, the Grail, Dante and Beatrice, goddesses and regal ladies, angels, sirens, mermaids and nymphs. Beautiful girls and women are perhaps their most well known and admired subjects.

Fine Art Fridge Magnets Wonderful Inexpensive Christmas Gifts For Mom and Friends

Square Magnet

Make custom magnets for work and home! Put your favorite image on a square magnet, or customize any existing design for your fridge or file cabinet.

* 2" x 2" – Standard Size.
* Printed on 100% Recycled Paper.
* Covered with scratch- and UV-resistant Mylar.
* No minimum order.
* Both round and square magnets available.

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