Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Well That's Clever ...

gamHere's a few clever designs recently found on Zazzle ...

Reigning Cats & Dogs_Frisky Friends_Heart-Paw shirt
Reigning Cats & Dogs_Frisky Friends_Heart-Paw by Artful_Animalz
Design a personalized tshirt using zazzle

Get in touch with your inner light ... great spontaneous design
Quaker T shirts shirt
Quaker T shirts by doodles_daddles
Many t-shirt designs available at zazzle

Gamer Girls Unite ...
gamers club.ai shirt
gamers club.ai by mazingace
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Halloweens coming soon ... send a fun card!


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  1. Thanks for promoting my Dunking For Apples design. Much appreciated! I twittered and facebooked the page.